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Steam fast stream mop takes you to the next generation in cleaning technology as it naturally cleans and sanitizes the floor with steam. It can be used in all kinds of hard surfaces and it is ideal to clean in a jiffy. Since it has a three- in- one technology, it is useful for all kinds of hard surfaces as it can be adjusted through dial- in option for various surfaces like, delicate, hardwood or durable stained concrete surface.

The best thing about steamfast floor steam mop is that if you want to clean off the toughest grime and dirt, you can use it as a handheld steam cleaner. Or if the aim is to release and set right the wrinkles from soft surfaces like fabrics and upholstery, you can convert it into a handheld fabric steamer. These are the attachments apart from the main function of cleaning the floor, when the mop is upright. Such three- in- one functionality helps you to accomplish a wide range of cleaning solutions and is versatile.

Steam fast steam mop functions with 1300 watts power and is capable of removing the fungus, mild dew, mold and other hard grease and grime, in a  simple method of using only  water and steam. It is completely chemical free and hence environmental friendly. Aside, it also destroys the allergens and eliminates the odor. So, no need to anymore use other cleaning floor polisher or glass cleaner and thus you can save money on those, too.

The various surfaces that can be cleaned using this device include showers, tile floors, garments, sinks, and even the interiors of refrigerator and oven. Since only steam is used, it is not allergic to pets or kids. The attractive part of this device is, it is so fast that the steam gets heated up in just 30 seconds and to get a continuous steam, the water can be filled up in the water tank capable of holding 13 ounce water.

It is also possible to adjust the control of steam so that the right amount of steam is used for the right kind of task namely, cleaning the floor, or while cleaning the bathroom or kitchen with hand held steamer or for fabric steamer. It comes with one year warranty and the different accessories that come along include a jet nozzle, a nylon brush, a mop head, a brass utility brush, a measuring cup, an extension pole, a cleaning pin,  boiler cleaning powder, short nylon utility brush,  a large cloth cover and a cloth for cleaning windows and mirrors.

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Steamfast Floor Steam Mop

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This article was published on 2010/12/05