Two Of The Most Popular Models Of Shark Steam Cleaner

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Steam cleaners rapidly became popular because it allows people to keep their home clean without using several tools and products. However, there are still a lot of steam cleaners that were not able to deliver their promise. Shark is a brand that manufactures some of the best steam cleaners today. Aside from being catchy, the name Shark stands for superior performance in cleaning. This article will be showing you two of the most popular models of Shark. This will also help you learn why Shark is said to be the best when it comes to steam cleaning.

Professional Hard Surface Steam Cleaner EP923FS instantly became popular as soon as it was released. It is built with a double-sided floor attachment that is specially made for this model. Aside from sanitizing your home with the help of steam, it also has the capability to deodorize your home as it uses a PH balanced soap and hot water solution for steam. This cleaning solution allows the Professional Hard Surface Steam Cleaner EP923FS to thoroughly cleanse your home without using harmful chemicals.

The Shark Steam Blaster S3300 is said to be one of the best products of Shark. It has gained the recognition of a lot of people due to its features, and capabilities. The small size of this steam cleaner makes it the best for cleaning almost any type of surface. This particular model also comes with different accessories such as extension wand, concentrator nozzle, floor attachment, funnel, squeegee, two-sided microfiber pad, and a shoulder strap. Aside from your floor, this model is also ideal for cleaning furniture, carpet, and even your working space.

Shark offers a lot of different steam cleaner models. Some only weighs 7 pounds, which makes it easy for you to bring it anywhere, and some that has a built-in water reservoir large enough to accommodate at least 60 minutes of cleaning time. A lot of people have said that purchasing a Shark steam cleaner is one of the best investments they have made. In fact, it helped them save a lot of money in the long run, considering the fact that they no longer need several products and tools just to keep their home clean and health-friendly.
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Two Of The Most Popular Models Of Shark Steam Cleaner

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This article was published on 2011/01/23